Pride & Joy

There once was a Momma cat named Joy.
Pride was her sweet red kitty boy.

Joy had a rainbow in her fur.
Pride's sunset red came straight from her.

Joy loved her baby boy named Pride.
She'd call him when he'd run and hide.

"Oh! Pride, my darling kitten dear...
Come to Momma Joy, Come here!"

I'll give you Momma's special milk.
I'll lick your fur as smooth as silk.

Joy taught Pride to play so nice.
Joy brought Pride little furry mice.

Sometimes Momma Joy would scold.
"My little Pride, you're much too bold!"

Joy's little Pride grew and grew
Like all big Maine Coon kittens do.

Joy loved her Pride like no other
Joy said, "I'll always be your mother."

Pride loved his lovely Momma Joy
Pride said, "I'll always be your boy."

"The others may all go away,
but by your side I'll always stay."

Pride said, "Momma Joy I'll leave you never...
and we'll be Pride and Joy forever!"
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