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Adopting a Maine Coon

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"When you adopt a Maine Coon be prepared to have a furry face meet you at the door when you come home. You'll have someone waiting patiently to collect a tummy rub and you'll never want for someone to warm your lap and your heart during quiet times." - Anne & Randy Greenlee, Ahwannacoon

Adopting a Maine Coon

Adopting a cat is like a adopting a child (although you don't have to save for their college education!). Nevertheless, the kitten you adopt can be expected to be your friend for the next decade or more.

First off, ask yourself if you are ready to adopt a kitten. Do you understand the responsibility you will be undertaking? Take a look at this example of one Maine Coon breeder's questionaire and be honest with your answers.

Once you've decided to adopt a Maine Coon, you should know what to expect. Should you look for a shelter cat, or adopt a pure-bred pedigreed cat from a breeder? Read What to expect when you adopt a Maine Coon for some thoughts.

If you decide to adopt a pure-bred Maine Coon from a breeder, be aware that you will be expected to sign a contract and the breeder will ask that you agree to certain restrictions. Three of the most common restrictions are:

  • Indoor-only
    The cat must be kept indoors and not permitted outdoors (except in a fully enclosed safe enclosure or under adult human supervision at all times).

    This does not mean "only at night" or "unless you live in the country". It means the cat will live indoors.

  • De-clawing
    The cat must not be de-clawed.

  • Spay/neuter
    Unless your contract stipulates that a cat may be bred, the cat must be spayed/neutered by 8 months of age.

When looking for a Maine Coon kitten, these pages may be of some help:


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