Household Dangers - Plastic Bags

A Safety Lesson from Colecoons American Pride.
Pride and lesson courtesy of Carm Cole and Colecoons

It's so cute when a kitten crawls into a plastic bag... Pride was playing in a Wal-Mart bag today and I was right there. Very quickly they can become entrapped and even suffocate... Look at this sequence of pictures.

  1. Oh, cute... who let the cat out of the bag... HA! HA! HA!

    cat-in-bag 1

  2. Still cute... oh look he's hiding...

    cat-in-bag 2

  3. Paw becomes entangled in the handle and kitten could panic...

    cat-in-bag 3

One time Tommy got caught in a bag and thought it was chasing him... tore through the house and hid... Like the bags say... keep out of the reach of small children and pets!

Thank you Pride for that EduCATional lesson!

No kittens were harmed in this demonstration.

The bag was put safely away!