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Maine Coons - Bring the Outside In

Cats love grass, but ours are indoor-only and the small pots of grass usually available from the pet store are not sized for a family of Maine Coons! So, we built our cats a lawn.

We recommend planting with Cosmic Kitty Herbs, available in 3-oz bags at many online (and physical) pet shops, but other varieties of seed are available. The "for cats" blends will grow nice thick leaves.

Alternatively, check your local nursery or garden shop. They may sell turf. One roll of turf grass makes an instant lawn without waiting for seeds to sprout!

How to Build a Lawn


We couldn't find a tub of the size we wanted, so we adapted a molded plastic household cabinet (!) to the task. We tipped it onto its back, removed the doors, then cut away parts of the interior rim. The result is a watertight, rust-proof, 2' x 3' tub, about 1' deep. Note: be sure to get a molded cabinet that is all one piece (except for doors and any interior shelves) or you will need to seal it with silicone cement!

We filled the tub about 2/3 full of potting soil, then put in the "cat grass" seed. After each new planting, we cover the tub with the lid, to give the grass a chance to get started. On occasion, we cut away some of the turf, adding a little more potting soil as needed.

Clip the grass with shears or electric trimmers and water regularly to keep it green.


The lid (shown behind the tub) is composed of two sheets of corrugated Lexan roofing material and a few of the corresponding (redwood?) mounting strips. Using a pair of shears, we cut the Lexan to a bit more than the length of the tub. We then overlapped the sheets (for strength) and then tied them together by nailing from one set of mounting strips, through the Lexan, into the other. Finally, we used a table saw (VERY carefully) to trim the ends of the sheets. The resulting lid is light, robust, and transparent.


To make the tub a bit easier to maneuver, we created a simple base (not shown). We mounted eight small casters onto a piece of plywood (three near each long edge and two in the middle). This lets us move the tub around quite easily.

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