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"We Don't Sell Cats"

This may come as a surprise, but the best breeders are not interested in your money. They are interested primarily in a loving home for their cats.

Below are some actual quotes from breeders. The good ones feel this way:

We Are Not a Cattery...

We would first like to say: "We are not a cattery."

We have been a Maine Coon owned and operated household for over 5 years. Prior to breeding Maine Coons, as caretakers of these beautiful creatures, we spent two years attending shows, researching, and locating just the right addition to our little family. Our first girl was a silver tabby, who now comfortably runs our household.

We only have a few litters a year, assuring that each kitten receive the love and attention before they go to their new homes. Our cats are our kids and accompany us to the pet store, on vacation, and even to work!

We hope to have a life-long relationship with the families that adopt our babies, and love to get calls and pictures telling us of their antics!

-- Farrell & Marty Holderman, (Holdermaines)

It Takes More Than Money...

Our cats are not for sale to the highest bidder, or even to the first person to meet the asking price. These are cats that we have loved and cherished during their lives with us, often from their birth. You'll need to convince us that you are prepared to be lavish with your affections and responsible in your care.

If, at this point, you're thinking "What, is the woman neurotic? We're just talking cats here, not the Hope Diamond", then you are absolutely right. The woman is neurotic, you don't want any of her cats, please turn to the next page as rapidly as possible. :-)

-- Jean Marie Diaz (Ambar)

We're Very Serious About Our Cats...

Our cats are our hobby, not a for-profit business. Even so, we're very serious about our cats, and are committed to producing healthy, friendly, beautiful, well-adjusted Maine Coons who make wonderful companions. Since we produce very few kittens, we can afford to be pretty picky about finding them new homes. Our babies go only to indoor homes; when they leave us at 12 weeks of age, they are already neutered or spayed and have all their shots.

To have your name added to our wait list, you must first complete our adoption questionnaire. If we like your answers, and feel that we share a common set of values and priorities when it comes to pet ownership, then we will gladly add your name to our list.

-- Betsy Tinney (Pinecoon)

We Don't Sell Cats...

Sometimes, *if* you pass all our qualifying tests, we will ->*grudgingly*<- let you take one of our cats to live at your house for it's entire life...don't for a minute think they are really yours...they will be our cats as long as they draw breath. I doubt that anyone who can't appreciate this little quirk would ever get a cat from anyone on this list. And of course, more than one of us has gone a long road to get back a cat that wasn't properly cared for, in our NOT so humble opinions...

I have had pet families tell me to my face that adopting a child would be much easier than getting one of my cats. <smile>

And most of us have a list an arm's length long of folks who want one of our cats...or two or three, or another, or a third...so finding homes for the little tykes is rarely a problem...

If you think that throwing money at us is the solution to getting what you want...the shrieking sound you hear is roughly 1000 or so breeders laughing hysterically at that idea...

-- Bob Harbison and Sherri Koepnick (TabbyTown)